Elektro MHP - Profi Paramotors


Electric Paramotor Efforts

Oct 22, 2009 Elektro has started selling a twin paramotor with one prototype going onto E-bay. There are two versions, the X with laterally opposed motors and the S that is vertically opposed.

Here are details provided to us for the Electric Paramotor mhp-proto-X.

Weight 20.1kg including battery and harness
Thrust max. 50kg,
flight time 17-25min!
Charging time 1 hour,
Motor: Brushless motors 10kw power
Battery: Lithium polymer 50V 30AH 9.5kg
Infinitely adjustable throttle (cruise) (Not Out)
Battery capacity is displayed on the display
Pilot or Pilotinnengewicht from 60-85kg

Flying the Elektro Proto-X Video 1 | Flying the Elektro Proto-X Video 2

Here he shows the machine being put to dual use on a bicycle.


You can get more info at Mhp-profi@gmx.at

Neither has a cage so, in spite of some decent distance back to the motor, there is an extreme risk of prop injury. Be careful!